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Studying at VSB Technical University of Ostrava

WORLD WIDE WEB hub for interesting tech projects & my personal bio

Bastler, cypherpunk, flight simmer, data hoarder, occasional BH

the final boss

My tech experiences originated around 2011 when my father and uncle got me young into programming. I work in Golang, Python, Linux, GIS and more.

My current work is focused on: AI computer vision stuff, further work on DIY Boeing 737 cockpit stuff, open-source aviation projects.

Attendee of numerous Hackathons, member of winning team of Ostrava Chatbot Hackathon 2019 - Chatbot controlled radio and A/C.

I love back-end, mid to low level programming, reverse-engineering and algoritmization... those are the best fields that perfectly suit my taste :3

In my past years in high school and university, I managed to develop a lot of projects which you can see on this site. Among them is a radar echo extrapolation prediction.

My other hobbies range from tinkering with random tech stuff in my lab, fixing things, building flight simulation interfaces, to riding on anything with 2 wheels, working out and spending time with friends.

Pssst.. what do you think about my 90's design? Let me know in the guest book hehe :P

If you want to ask about my projects or talk about something you have seen on this portfolio, feel free to reach out to me.